Expedition III

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There are 3 Maps for Expedition III: Westwood, Desert Fortress, Eagle Pass.



First Target: Push to the main place on the map and clear out any enemy unit. You have to hurry up, after you entered the middle the samurai start to try to execute the villagers. You have to save them!

After your saved them they all will go to the middle and the defending part begins: If all your villagers should die, you will lose the expedition, so take care of them!

Wave 1: Some meele and musketes will spawn along with one Hero on spawn C

Wave 2: Second wave mostly starts before you can manage to kill all targets from the first wave. A lot of meele units and some ranged one will spawn on D.

Now you got some time to heal your units or get a new one. After Wave 2 is done you have to take care. From now on there are two purple rocket launcher in the back. They will aim from time to time on someone of you! Don't kill your teammates units so be aware! Meele Heroes should go and kill the launchers as fast as possible.

Wave 3: Now they spawn at two sides at once. A & C. Again alot meele units, some musketes and the first time Cav!(Cav only in Exp.3 not 2!). On A will also spawn the second hero. If you have some kind of Shieldwall-Formation (Imp Spear/Spear Ser.) Put them down on the green line in the picture block their spawn!

Wave 4: Once again, A but this time also B. Only a lot of meele units and cav. Sometimes some ranged ones.

The rocket launcher you destroyed some waves ago should be respawned. Go and get them again. They get a a lot of points when destroyed. (MVP relivant)

Last and final Wave 5: Now you have to work with your team! Until here you can pretty much solo if you use your brain proper. They gonna spawn on all four sides! A, B, C and D aswell. On A is gonna to spawn one hero and only some meele units. Take out the units first before you fight the hero.(Works way faster) B will get a lot of Cav. On C will spawn some Imp. Pikemens and some Cav. D only Imp. Javelineers

Desert Fortress

Desert Fortress.png

In Desert Fortress you have to defend some villigars in the city. For this, they came together on a platform. You have to clear 5 waves with always 3 rounds of spawns. If you loose villigers, you will get less rewards.

Wave 1 Round 1 D
Round 2 B
Round 3 A
Wave 2 Round 1 A
Round 2 A
Round 3 A & C
Wave 3 Round 1 B
Round 2 D
Round 3 A, B & C
Wave 4 Round 1 A
Round 2 D
Round 3 D
Wave 5 Round 1 A, B & C
Round 2 D
Round 3 D

Eagle Pass