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Conqueror's Blade Wiki

This is a new Wiki for the game Conqueror's Blade. Our goal is to help new players with their start and even old player with usefull informations about the game mechanics. For the new players we will design an own topic with all tipps & tricks for the start.

This wiki is a fan-projekt and at the moment not supported by Conqueror`s Blade. If YOU want to help us creating a good wiki contact us on discord: NecroJin#9385 or CptCraphead#7910 (aka. Korkenzieher)

About the Game

Master the art of medieval warcraft in this free-to-play tactical action MMO. Create a unique warlord from 10 different classes, and wage war in epic 15 v 15 siege battles. Employ special abilities, devastating weapons, and cunning strategies to reshape this vast open world into your new empire. - Steam Store Description

General Information



City Maps



Lead your own personal regiment on the battlefield from a choice of over 45 units specialized in melee, ranged, or cavalry combat. Every unit is inspired by some of history's greatest military forces, and can be mixed and matched to forge a truly formidable army!

The choice of units and the correct use are crucial in Conqueror's Blade. You will find an overview of all units in the following chapter Unit Tree or in the spreadsheet, which you can find in chapter External Links & Sources. The units are basically divided into three categories:


Armed with swords, pikes, halberds, flails, melee infantry units are your first line of defense and attack in any battle. Send these soldiers into the fray to clash swords or deploy siege engines.

Melee infantry units include Halberdiers, Iron Reapers, and Ironcap Swordsmen. Discover even more in-game!


Ranged infantry carry bows, longbows, crossbows, and arquebuses. Their swift rate of fire can repeatedly damage enemies from a distance, while coordinated volleys can slow oncoming advances.

Ranged infantry units include Mercenary Longbowmen, Demesne Crossbowmen, and Tercio Arquebusiers. Discover even more in-game!


Mounted on horseback, these noble warriors carry spears, bows, or fire lances. They ride in numbers, and can strike with devastating impact when they meet enemy frontlines.

Cavalry units include Cataphract Lancers, Winged Hussars, and Fire Lance Cavalry. Discover even more in-game!

Unit Tree

The Unit Tree is divided into 5 different trees. In each of these, units are summarized that can be assigned to a specific category. The three basic ones are Melee Infantry, Ranged Infantry and Cavalry. In addition there are the Chivalric Units and the Rattan Army. Outside of these unit trees there are the Steppe Units, which were introduced in the second season.

Each unit has different Formations, Unit Orders and Units Traits available in Conqeuror's Blade. Some of these must be activated in the Veterancy skill tree of the unit.

Formations are organizational forms of how a unit can set up. Each individual Formations has its own advantages and disadvantages.

You can give some units Orders. Orders mostly describe dynamic attack behavior. The unit can for example fire at a certain area or advance with shields raised.

Units Traits are short descriptions of what is special about a unit.

Unit Attributes

To increase the level of a unit, it must take part in battles. It should always be ensured that the unit participates in the fight, otherwise less EXP will be assigned to the units through the game. From a certain level, the same number of unit EXPs are required again and again to advance another level.

The necessary EXP per level

Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 ...
Level-EXP 0 3k 6k 14k 26k 42k 62k 87k 117k 152k 242k 300k 300k 300k 300k

Doctrines & Battle Relics


General Informations about all game modes:

1) In every game mode are flags you can capture. To capture a flag you have to stay in the circle of that flag for a while. The time you need to capture a flag is shorter, if there are more players of your team in the circle. There are two types of flags: The bases and the supply points. The bases are always needed to get progress for your team. At the supply points you can get new units, change your weapons, change your horse and change the artillrey you carry with you.

2) At the start of a game you can always select your weapon, your loadout of units and the artilley you want to carry with you. You can't change your hero equipment at that point!

3) There is a limit of Leadership for every player. So always think about your units. If you take high-tier units with you, play very safe and dont waste them, because you don't have many units to change.

4) Some speciall battles are only on some days accessable. On the following picture you see the time schedule for EU West 1 & 2.

Time schedule.png

Training Camp (AI)

Capture the flags and kill the enemy to reduce their score. The first team to reach a score of zero loses.

The Training Camp follows the same rules as the Field Battles. One team will be played by up to 5 players (if there are not enough in queue the team will be filled up with AI-Players) and the enemys are always 5 AI-Player. It's a very fast gamemode. One round will take you only 5 minutes. So if you have not much time a day you can use this gamemode to fulfill the Daily Quests very easy and fast.

Field Battle

Capture flags and defeat enemies to reduce the enemy's points. Unit casualties are not permanent and kit damage is minimal.

In Field Battles two teams of players fight against each other. Each team starts with 1200 points. On each field battle map are 3 bases and 2 supply points. When your team captured 2 bases the enemie will loose 2 points every second. If your team controlls all 3 bases the enemies will loose 5 points every second. Additionally you can lower the enemies points by capturing flags (XX Points for a base, XX for a supply point) and by killing enemy heros (XX points). When the score of one team gets to zero it looses the game.

Siege Battle

Attackers must capture the final flag to win. Defenders must hold at least the final flag at timeout. Unit casualties are not permanent and kil damage is minimal.

In Siege Battles two teams of players (15 vs 14) fight about the control of a city. The map contains siege towers, battle ramms and tribuchets for the attackers. Additionally there are some spots where the attackers can place ladders to climb up to the walls. The attackers have to capture base after base until they can capture the final base. For every captured base the attackers get more time to win.

Free Battles

Free Battles follow the rules of the other game modes (Field & Siege). There is only one exception: Every player is allowed to take 5 units to the battle without considering the limit of leadership.


No units in this battle mode. The team that scores 30 frags first wins. You can get rewards from your first five battles every day.

Territory Wars

This event is available twice per week. During the Territoy War, Houses can declare war on non-neutral fiefs at a cost of their Prestige. After declararting war, House members can go to the targeted fief(s) and join battle. Heros not belonging to a House can join any battle that is already in progress. You can earn great rewards for taking part in Territory Wars, and might cature fiefs. Owning a fief means earning fief bonuses, levying taxey, and gaining the right to pay lower taxes when gathering resources.

Territories can serve as a Headquarter for your house and can only be taken during Territory Wars (TW), hosted every Tuesday and Saturday. During the TW the house leaders can declar war on villiages, towns (house level 3 required) and fortress (house level 4 required). Is a war is declared all members of the alliance can attack the fief. If you win one of the battle-lines, the fief will be given to the attackers. But care! If there are different houses attacking the fief will be given to the house with the most %-Battlehonour. You can earn these battlehonour by killing units and heros.

Defending your territory after taking it is the hard part, as now your enemy can come at you in droves. A typical TW will see houses claiming victory over the AI that controls a territory, just for another house to come through and attempt to conquer that territory. The ensuing war is fought through interceptions from the defending side, resulting in field battles to weaken the attacking house. The ideal strategy is to engage the attackers in the field, therefore not risking the ownership of your newly claimed territory, and fighting within the village or city only as a last result.

At the conclusion of the territory war, other houses can no longer attack your territories, nor can you attack theirs. This period between TW should be used to complete Fief Quests.

Every Monday a fief consumers a set amount of Building Materials, dependent upon its level. Should there be enough Building Materials available, fief will gain 30 prosperity, and if there is not enough, it will lose 10 prosperity. If a fief has 100 prosperity on Monday, it will level up, thus improving the fief. Should a fief have a prosperity of 0, than it will lose a level.

Sometimes you will play TW in Drill Mode. This is a special mode, where you can earn high silver coin rewards, but you can't capture fiefs. It is announced before the TW starts.


If you lose the fief in the TW where your camp is located, it will be moved to the next neutral city near your current position.

You can't start new fights after official TW time is over, but all already started fights will go on and you can still join them.


There are three level of Expeditions in Conqueror's Blade. You can join Expedition I after your hero reached lvl 20, Expedition II after level 40 and Expedition III after level 60.

Expeditions are PvE-Fights. Every Expedition map ist different and has different goals you have to reach. For the Weekly Quests you have to finish 4 times the Expedition I, 3 times the Expedition II and another 3 times the Expedition III.

Rebell Camps


Iron Badges
[[File:.|80px]] Shatter the Ranks Defeat 60 a total of enemy troops in one battle.
[[File:.|80px]] A Deadly Century Defeat 100 a total of enemy troops in one battle.
[[File:.|80px]] Hat-Trick Defeat three enemy heros in a row.
[[File:.|80px]] Quad Kill Defeat four enemy heros in a row.
[[File:.|80px]] Drop Dead Be the first on your team to defeat an enemy hero in any battle using artillery, heros or units.
[[File:.|80px]] Cakewalk Win an Expedition and deal 300,00 damage to the enemy without dying.
[[File:.|80px]] Overthrown Defeat a boss during an Expedition.
[[File:.|80px]] Of Talons and Hooves In a Siege of Eagle Pass quest, defeat 30 enemy cavalry.
[[File:.|80px]] Overthrown Defeat a boss during an Expedition.
[[File:.|80px]] x x
Silver Badges
[[File:.|80px]] Grand Bloodbath Defeat 160 enemy troops in one battle.
[[File:.|80px]] The Phlegthon Defeat 200 enemy troops in one battle.
[[File:.|80px]] No Quarter Defeat five enemy heros in a row.
[[File:.|80px]] Canyon Champion Earn the highest number of hero kills on your team in Canyon.
[[File:.|80px]] Echos of Archelous Defeat three enemy heroes and 80 enemy soldiers without dying in one field battle.
[[File:.|80px]] Deser Warfare In a Desert Fortress quest, endure the most damage inflicted by the enemy.
[[File:.|80px]] The Battle of Sparrow Pass Achieve the most soldier kills at Sparrow Pass.
[[File:.|80px]] One-Two Knockout During an Expedition, surround and defeat two bosses.
[[File:.|80px]] x x
Golden Badges
[[File:.|80px]] Cut a Swath Defeat 280 enemy troops in one battle.
[[File:.|80px]] x x
[[File:.|80px]] x x


Hero Equipment

Unit Kits

Artillery & Siege Engines



Ressources EXP: 200 + 0.3 EXP / Exotic

Fief Quests

Item Market, Ressource Market

Cash shop


Beginner Tipps

Daily Quests

Daily quests should be completed every day. They reward you with player experience points, bronze coins, honor, house experience points and prestige. Very important are the quests: Five Battles, Three Battles, Victory. With these you can earn every day 600 extra honour! Daily-quest-reset is every day in the night and at 5 PM. This means, if you are online and stand in a city at 5 PM you can accept all daily quests once again. If you have enough time you can earn another 600 honour by using this daily reset every day!

Let's You and Him Fight: Fight a duel with another player.

On Petrol: Leave this fief, attack any roving band of rebels, then return and speak to the Billeting Officer.

Five Battles: Visit the Sheriff (or pree J) to open the matchmaking interface and win five Training, Standard, and Free battles.

Three Battles: Visit the Sheriff (or pree J) to open the matchmaking interface and win three Training, Standard, and Free battles.


In Service To The Realm: Complete a Fief Quest on behalf of the Warden. You can press M to bring up the world mal to see the locations of finished Fief Quests.

The Riches of The Earth: Gather some Resources from a Resource Site, then report to the Billeting Officer. Take a unit and enough Bronze Coins for the fee.

Let's Go Scavenging!: Leave this fief and scavenge some supplies from a site in the open world (abandoned camp, cart, crates, derelict hut).

Daily quests.png

Weekly Quests

Weekly quests.png

Game mechanics

Rollen löscht Feuer am Spieler ;P


External Links & Sources

Kit-Calculator and Unit-Kombination-Testing: Spreadsheet German

Kit-Calculator and Unit-Kombination-Testing: Speadsheet English

Developer Website

Ydir`s Beginners Guide

Discord Wiki

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