Unit Orders

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Unit Orders

In Conqueror's Blade, commands are used for the targeted control of units. Different commands are available for each unit. Some of these must be activated in the respective level skill tree of the unit. The commands are as follows:

Generall Orders

Follow (c)


Attack (v)


Hold Formation (x)


Melee Orders


Increases unit's movement speed by 15% for 8 seconds.

Healing Herbs

The unit recovers 40 health over 15 seconds.

Breace Weapons

Ideal for stopping a cavalry charge: The unit platns their polearms and holds firm.


Order your unit to charge a designated location. Inflicts high damage on enemies charged in the path to the designated location. Charging soldiers take less damage.

Throw Javelin

Throw javelins at the targeted area, dealing massive armour-piercing damage to enemies.


Sergeants mit Speer Vormarsch.JPG The unit advances, bearing their shields to cover the unit's front, top, and flanks.

Prefecture Drill

This command allows the Prefecture Guards to fight more effectively for a short time.

Cover Commander

Sergeants mit Speer Kommandanten decken.jpg Order your unit to rush to your side.


Restores 250 health for 15 seconds.


Order your unit to charge a designated location. This inflicts high penetration damage on enemies in the unit's path.


Javelineers hurl their spears at enemies. The javelins home in on enemies not otherwise within their trajectory.

Double Shot

Each soldier can throw 2 javelins per attack.


The unit rushes to the marked spot and deals 300% damage to the first enemy it encounters.

Ranged Orders

Attack Area

Order your unit to shoot ranged weapons at the designated spot.

Focused Fire

Fire in the specified direction.

Poison Arrows

Applies poison to arrowheads, inflicting continuous damage to enemies hit.

Flaming Arrow

Order your archers to use flaming arrows.

Move and Fire

Fire while advancing on the target.

Arrow Rain

Loose multiple volleys of arrows at the designated target.

Suppressing Fire

Order the unit to give suppressive fire on the designated area.


Unit shoots at enemies around the designated area.

Covering Fire

Your unit fires arrows at any enemy unit near you.

Bodkin Arrows

When switching to armour-piercing shots, piercing value is greatly increased but the rate of fire is reduced by 25% and damage is reduced by 10%.

Volley Fire

The unit forms three ranks that fire in turn.

Cavalry Orders


The unit charges as directed, causing massive damage to enemies alone the way.

Focused Fire

Mounted crossbowmen fire poisoned bolts. Elite crossbowmen increase their rate of fire.

Cavalry Charge

Cavalry charge full-tilt into the ranks of their foes.

Hussar Charge

Winged Hussars charge with their lances. Elite Winged Hussars will ignore the effect of braced spear/pike formations.