Units Traits

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Every units has its own traits. Every trait is like a small own abaility of a unit.

Positive Traits

Feudal Labourers

Thir unit is made up of levied peasants, who are skilled at gathering resources.


This unit is cheap to recruit and has a correspondingly poor performance on the battlefield.

Armour Penetration

This unit has weapons capable pf punching through armour.


Ranged damage taken while proteced by shield is decreased.


This unit has weapons or training that makes is great at countering cavalry, and will deal significant damage to all mounted units.


This units can acquire a great nomber of veterancy upgreades, significantly enhancing its combat potential.

Heavy Shields

This unit has massive shields which give excellent protection to the front, but no protection against attacks from behind.


This unit has a relatively large headcount..

Shock Troops

This unit is most effective when charging an enemy unit, rrather than in a sustained melee.

Assult Troops

This unit is best used to charge the enemy, as they will cause more damage while attacking.


This unit carries javelins to fight at a distance, but can also fight in melee.

Melee Masters

This unit has excellent melee combar abilities.

Heavy Javelins

This unit has better stopping power than a normal javelin unit, but carries less ammunitionn.

Castle Archers

This unit is good at using high ground to pour accurate fire on their enemies.


This unit is armed with firearms such as arquebuses or firelances. There offer excellent damage and armour penetration but poor accuracy.

Own Supply Chain

This unit will replace any of its own damage or missing kit automatically at no cost to you.


This unit gives bonuses to you and your units in battle: +10% Hero XP and Unit XP, +10% Honour.

Poison Arrows

Poison-tipped arrows deal constant damage to their target.

Long-distance Charge

This unit can charge over a long distance.


This units is able to move quickly.

Light Attack

This unit has relies heavily on its manouverability to harass enemies.


This unit is skilled at maintaining its formation and pushing through enemy lines.

Rattan Armour

Rattan armour is cheap, lightweight, and resistant to slashing, but is vulnerable to incendiary weapons.

Poisoned Weapons

The weapons of this unit are coated with a poisonous oil, which deals constant damage to enemies sturck.

Shield Breakers

This unit is skilled at penetrating enemy armour and will deal significant damage to heavily armoured foes.

Melee Fighters

This unit is great in melee combat.

Prefecture Drill

This unit has been trained to the standards of the Prefecture army, and can use their combat orders in battle.

Ring of Steel

This unit is skilled in the Schiltron defence, warding against enemy incursions from every direction.

Flying Shield

This unit is trained to throw their shields to damage enemies.

Flaming Arrows

This unit has incendiary ammunition. Burning targets take additional damage over time.

Shield Breakers

This unit is skilled ar penetrating enemy armour and will deal significant damage to heavily armoured foes.

Skewer Shots

Crossbows can penetrate the first target and hurt the next one.


This unit has the ability to move and fire.

Fast Firing

This unit has a high rate of fire.

Heavy Armour

This unit wears heavy armour, making it difficult to harm.


This unit wears heavy armour, making it difficult to burn.

Staunch Defenders

This unit is excellent in defence, making it ideal for blocking an enemy advance. Damage taken is also reduced.

Shield Bash

This unit may use a shield bash attack, dealing blunt damage.


This unit has a relatively long shooting range, and is skilled at suppressing the enemy at a distance.


This unit has relatively high accuracy.

Bodkin Arrows

This unit uses bodkin arrows, which are capable of punching through pate armour.

Fire By Ranks

This unit has been trained to use the three-rank volley fire drill, and can use it to keep up a constant rate of fire.

Regroup & Retry

This unit is best used to charge enemy infantry from behind, then retreating, regrouping, and repeating the tactic.

Melee Cavalry

This unit can not only charge, but is trained and equipped to fight in a sustained melee.


This unit can charge quipckly over a short distance.

Archers Foe

This unit has weapons or training which makes it particulary effective against ranged units.

Dual Wielders

This unit has two different weapons.


This unit inflcits blunt damage.

Very Heavy Armour

This unit has heavy armour, which protects them but compromises their maneuverability.

Parry & Block

Enemy melee attacks can be blocked while using own melee attacks.

Heavy Recoil

This unit uses firearms with a heavy recoil, which degrades their accuracy.


This unit has shields they can wield to protect themselves against arrows.

War Lances

This unit has lancs longer then the weapons of most pikemen, so their charges can devastate anti-cavalry units.

Fire Lancers

This unit is armed with the deadly Fire Lance, giving it great firepower at close range.

Repeating Crossbow

The repeating crossbow fires lightweight darts, allowing a constant hail of not very accurate fire.

Negative Traits

Cheap Weapons

This unit has weapons with poor armou-piercing ability, and suited only for fighting lightly-armoured units.

Poot Shots

This units has poor accuracy.

No Volleys

This unit is unable to fire its weapons in coordinated volleys.

Mediocre Accuracy

This unit has mediocre accuracy.

Slow Shot

This unit has a low rate of fire due to irksome or complex reloading procedures.

Weak Spot

This unit takes more damage than normal when attacked from behind.


This unit is slow to move or change formation.