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You can create and customize your own character to spearhead your armies and lead your conquest. Choose a weapon to specialize in from 10 different classes, and familiarize yourself with its combat style, special abilities, strengths and weaknesses. There’s a playstyle for everyone!

There are three categories for the 10 player classes: light, medium and heavy armor. Basically, it is advisable to play every weapon with the armor class that suits it, since melee fighters need more defensive stats in the heat of the battle than ranged fighters. However, it is always possible to put on lighter armor than prescribed. This means that a Poleaxe can theoretically wear light armor, but a Bow can't wear heavy armor. Conqueror's Blade does not offer classes in the traditional sense, as you are able to switch between any class just by equipping that weapon.

As you do battle you will unlock both:

Skill points - Directly connected to your weapon which you can use to unlock new skills for that weapon.

Mastery points - These points you are able to use for any weapon and are also required to use to unlock new weapons beside your starter one (costs 100 Mastery points to unlock a new weapon). Mastery points are not as easily gained as skill points. furthermore you are able to get books which allows you to convert skill points into mastery points although these are not so easily obtained.

Special skills require you to collect Skill Pages, which you might find in post-battle drops. They can also be found in siege rewards or awarded to you for unlocking certain achievements. You can use up to four basic skills or three basic skills and one special skill in combat.

Icon Weapon Role Armor Description
Langschwert klein.JPG Longsword & Shield Tank Heavy A Western-style longsword and heater shield. Dominate melee battles with a brutal combination that balances offensive and defensive capabilities.
Streitaxt klein.JPG Poleaxe Punisher/Tank Heavy Poleaxes provide a fearsome combination of reach, power, and mass. These are favoured by heavy infantry such as halberdiers and knights.
Glefe klein.JPG Glaive Flanker/Unit Killer Heavy The glaive is a polearm consisting of a heavy blade atop a wooden haft. Favored for its considerable stopping power, it is particularly effective against lightly-armored infantry.
Kurzschwert klein.JPG Shortsword & Shield Brawler Heavy A single-edged, one-handed sword with a leather or wooden grip. Paired with a shield, the short sword is a favourite with infantry.
Nodachi klein.JPG Nodachi Unit Killer Medium The nodachi is a two-handed sword with an incredibly long and elegant blade. Usually made by a master swordsmith, they are prized weapons that honor their bearers.
Speer klein.JPG Spear Hero-flanker (horse combo is a big must!) Medium Keep enemies at a relatively safe distance thanks to the spear's long reach and sharp deterrent. It is effective against both cavalry and infantry units, and skilled warriors can take on multiple enemies at once.
Muskete klein.JPG Musket Tank penetrator Medium The musket is a heavy matchlock firearm with a smoothbore barrel. These ranged weapons command respect for their lethality.
Doppelklinge klein.JPG Dual Blades Assassin Light Give your enemies twice as much trouble. Suitable for assassins and infiltrators, use the dual blades to deliver an ambidextrous assault that will leave enemies flailing.
Kurzbogen klein.JPG Short Bow Harassment Light The short bow is less cumbersome and tiring than the regular bow, and is best-suited to close-range combat and swift but sure attacks.
Langbogen klein.JPG Longbow Sniper Light The bow is a powerful ranged hunting weapon used by archers. Draw back the string, and let fly a volley that will put a serious dent in enemy morale, and a few holes in their armor too.