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The world of Conqueror`s Blade is currently divided into 5 areas. Ostaria is in the northwest of the map and Ungverija in the southwest. Maoyang is called the country in the northeast and Liangyun is in the southeast. The borderlands divide the world map into a western part (Ostaria, Ungverija) and an eastern part (Maoyang, Liangyun). The first four areas are the start areas. Each new player chooses a city in which to start his career during character creation. The four capitals Augolia, Turul Varos, Anliang and Daicheng are available. You can later move your camp to any city as long as it is a neutral city or belongs to your own alliance.

You can see the neutral cities on the map below. They look significantly different on the map than other cities and also house other NPCs. Neutral cities cannot be captured in the territorial war.


Basically it doesn't matter in which area of ​​the world map you are. In every city you have access to the most important functions of the game and also on the map around the cities you will find all levels of Rebell Camps and Resources. It becomes interesting when manufacturing unit kits. Exotic materials are often required for high-quality outfits. These can only be collected in certain areas. You will find more about this in the chapter Resources.





Northern Borderlands

Southern Borderlands